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Nelyafinwë Maitimo

Maglor: *goes to find her favourite brother* Maedhros: *opens the…

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Nelyafinwë Maitimo

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Maglor: *goes to find her favourite brother*

Maedhros: *opens the door for her*

Maglor: Hey. *little wave* I've come to ask you two favours.

Maedhros: And what are those?

Maglor: One. *holds up a finger* Do you have a key to Curu's place I could borrow?

Maedhros: I do, but what do you need a key to Curu's for?

Maglor: I wanted to leave something there for him. ...and maybe clean it up a little bit in case... *shakes her head* For WHEN he returns from death.

Maedhros: Ahh....Well, okay...

Maglor: Thank you. I just, I guess I miss him.

Maedhros: *nods understandingly*

Maglor: Don't tell him it was me, though, when he's back. Let him think it was nana or something.

Maedhros: *chuckles* Oh, he's probably spying on you from the Halls anyway.

Maglor: I didn't even think of that. *shakes her fist at the air* I will kick your ass, Curu, if you're looking in my bedroom at all.

Maedhros: *laughs* I doubt that much.

Maglor: If anyone, that'd be Cara. *rolls her eyes* I miss him, too. Odd as he is.

Maedhros: Yeah.

Maglor: *small smile, takes one of Mae's hands* Ready for my second favour?

Maedhros: I think so.

Maglor: I'd like your opinion on something.

Maedhros: Yes?

Maglor: Lio and I have been discussing the possibility of marriage again. *slight blush* Is it selfish of me to want to marry him only in my natural body?

Maedhros: *thinks carefully* Well...I'm not sure that it's -selfish- per se....But marriage shouldn't be contingent on your physical form. It has to be about the person's personality - that has to be what you love.

Maedhros: Plus, I think you are putting too much stock on being a woman.

Maglor: I just... I want it to be -me- he's marrying. This can't be false. I still don't feel completely right in this body. *frowns, not sure she's explaining herself*

Maedhros: That's because you probably have a subconscious persisting belief that men are stronger than women. Or at least a fear it is so.

Maglor: ...Maybe. But, sometimes, I feel I just don't know who I am. Not anymore.

Maedhros: Being a woman isn't anything LESS than being a man, Kana. You have a daughter. I think you should try...to stop fighting against being a woman.

Maglor: I don't know if I can.

Maedhros: You should try...sister. *meaningful look*

Maglor: *opens her mouth to argue, pauses, looks upset*

Maedhros: *looks at her* Why does it bother you so?

Maglor: I'm a man. In here, I'm still a man. *taps over her heart and her temple*

Maedhros: What does that MEAN, Kana? What are you trying to tell yourself? That you're still smart? Still talented? Those things aren't related to being a man.

Maglor: *silent for a while* ...I'm me. Not this monstrous madwoman everyone sees.

Maedhros: *agrees* You are you. You should stop showing everyone the madwoman side and using your not-so-new acquisition of breasts and a cunt as your excuse. I know this. And I think Ecthelion does too.

Maglor: *little nod*

Maedhros: Marry him because you love him. Remember, there are a lot of stupid men out there.

Maglor: I've probably slept with half of them, already. *sighs and leans against Mae* I've made a lot of messes, Russa, when I let myself be the madwoman. I'm afraid they'll come back and hurt you, hurt him... hurt my princess.

Maedhros: Yes. But you can protect yourself, and so can I. So can Ecthelion. And the both of you can protect Lit. *hugs*

Maglor: She should be able to protect herself, too. *clings a little* Is it too early to get her started on learning?

Maedhros: And she will, eventually. *rubs her arm* It's probably a bit early now.

Maglor: *nods* I'll keep her with music for now, then, and reading.

Maedhros: She'll be fine. You all will.

Maglor: Yeah. You're usually right. *kisses his cheek*

Maedhros: *kisses hers* No, always.

Maglor: *smiles* And you'll be my... uh... maid of honour? Once I decide how to ask Lio to marry me.

Maedhros: *laughs* I will gladly be your maid of honor.

Maglor: I'm only wearing a dress if you are.

Maedhros: Ah, but dresses would be MUCH more flattering on you! Don't you want me to look nice in case there are any eligible singles attending?

Maglor: You're the one going on about the inside being more important. Besides, with this face *strokes his cheek* you could wear a burlap sack and still be attractive.

Maedhros: *grins* I did say that, but I never said a person shouldn't wear clothing that best flatters his or her figure!

Maglor: -I- look dead sexy in anything. Lio would agree.

Maedhros: *chuckles* I'm sure.

Maglor: I suppose you do have that little bit of weight to worry about... but I think you wear it well. If we weren't siblings, Lio might have something to worry about.

Maedhros: *snorts* Yes, yes...

Maglor: I should go before you get ideas. *teasing* Can I steal that key now? I'll visit you again tomorrow to return it and you can admire me some more then.

Maedhros: *chuckles* Here. *gets her the key*

Maglor: Thanks. Really. *taking it and kisses his cheek once more* I love you, know that.

Maedhros: I love you too. *grins* Now get out of here.

Maglor: Gone! *raises a hand as she takes off*

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